The Philadelphia Web Design Company has a diverse portfolio of Brochure Websites representing a wide variety of business types. We aim for functional design over flashy graphic design because it is easy to use and affordable.
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Brochure Websites

Welcome back…in this slide I’m going to talk a little about brochure websites, which are the most common kind of websites we do…and we do them for a wide variety of businesses…. accountants, dairies, catering, investment bankers, medical, non-profits, insurance…and the reason we’re able to do that is because we have a good feel for designing easy to use, easy on the eye, sites.

If the site is just about glitz and getting attention then you’ll make them feel you don’t get it and they’ll just move on the hundreds of other sites out there to look at.

And guess what…good news…easy to use websites cost less to design than the sites with strong graphic design. In fact in the last 2-3 years we’ve found our website design prices to be about half of our competitors…which is great because I just don’t think there’s many small businesses out there who need to spend $3000—-$4000—-$5000 and even up from there on a brochure business website.

Good for us! Good for you…everybody wins.

So please take a look at our portfolio of brochure sites. It’s what we do best…it’s our claim to fame…and have done a few hundred we certainly know how to make the process easy and inexpensive.

Diverse portfolio representing over a wide variety of businesses
We have a good design eye (because we aim for functional design over graphic design.)