The Philadelphia Web Design Company lays out an easy 5-step website creation process. The steps are the following: 1) Buy your own domain name; 2) Find some websites you like from samples we provide or from your own web browsing; 3) Send us the info that will constitute the content of the site; 4) We write a proposal detailing a low and high estimate for making your site; 5) We create your website within an allotted period of time.
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What’s the Website Creation Process?
What’s the process for creating a website with us? Pretty easy…really just 5 short steps.
Step 1) Get yourself a domain name… is a good place..a few folks have told me is also cheap and easy..

…but word of fair warning…if you haven’t purchased from GoDaddy before watch out because they try to upsell you constantly and you have to navigate a bit just to get to checkout and finish.

And it’s very important that you buy your domain name yourself because it’s easy, under $10, and you need to be the owner of the domain so there’s no issues down the road.

What should your domain name be? Well that’s a topic onto itself and not something I can quickly present here, but it is a topic we can talk about over the phone because choosing the right domain name can be very important with regard to Search Engine Marketing.

In addition it’s also something I speak about in my SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING seminas and when you visit the Speaking & Training slide I’ll give you more information about those.
Step 2) Find Some Webites you Like

In our office I have these little sayings on the wall…the aphorism or haiku of the month… and the one that gets read the most often is “It’s far easier to adapt than to invent”.

That means that it’s far more cost-effective for you to show us examples of website you like and we’ll use those examples to understand the styles you like and reduce the time and cost to create a new design for you.

To help this process along we’ve collected a very large collection of website pictures over the last ten years in browsing through them you’ll be able to pick out 2-3, or more, that represent the styling you like.
Step 3) Send us your info.

No matter who you hire to create your site most of the time you’ll be providing them with the text, and perhaps images, for the site. And if you’re going to do a FP site you’re going to provide us with you!…we’re gonna sit you in front of the camera with a nice teleprompter to help you along.

Most folks just email us a Word file and photos by email…or put them on a CD and send by mail. If you don’t have the text for your site ready to go then think about web video because it’s much easier to tell your story to the camera than through words and you’ll get to establish rapport and credibility in the process.

if you need some clip art photos there’s dozens of sites out there we can both look through…and good news, web photos, which are low-resolution, are far cheaper than print photos…good web photos are usually in the $40-$90 range..there’s even photo sites that give you free access to any number of images for a subscription fee.
Step 4) Once we all have an idea about the size, content, and look of the site we’ll write you a proposal detailing the low and high cost estimates for the site and get that to you in less than a day. And unless you find later on there needs to be changes to what was discussed I can’t think of any instance where we exceeded the high estimate.
Step 5) We’ll make the site.

In our proposal we usually ask for 3-4 weeks to complete the site but most of the time we’re able to get the site live to the world in under two weeks and we think that’s pretty good because we have no shortage of horror stories about folks calling us after waiting 6 months for a simple site to be done (or even just a simple change to it…

in fact we just spoke with someone who is unable to accept credit card payments through their site because the web developer doesn’t return their calls and all they need to do is add “2007″ to the year pop-up menu on the order page…that’s just insane…that person had to wait six months for something that might take six seconds.
So that’s the process to creating a website with us, five easy, and always very painless steps…we’ve used this process over and over for the last five years or more and it’s always made it an enjoyable experience.