The Philadelphia Web Design Company will not only create your website, but we will do your website updates as well. We charge in 15-minute increments for updates without the 1-hour minimum that some of our competitors require.
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How do I update my website?

The most common question folks ask us is…how can I do my website updates myself?

Well, the short answer is that you become trained as a website designer because you’d need to have the same skills to update the site as were used to create it. Otherwise the quality of your design quickly goes south and you end up with a site where visitors say to themselves “what happened here?!?…this piece over here doesn’t match up with this piece over there…”.

But the practical truth is that most folks change their sites so infrequently that it never pays to learn those skills…it would be like going to car mechanic school just to learn to change your own oil…it’s just so much easier to pay $35 to the lube place to get it done….and the fee for us to make a simple change isn’t much different!

So what we do instead is simply update our clients sites as they need it and it’s usually very quick and inexpensive for two reasons…

1) We charge our same rate for updates as we do for creating websites and my experience is that’s the exception, not the rule.

2) The far majority of changes to a site are text changes…things like adding a new date to schedule of events, or updating someone’s bio or updating a few paragraphs, or adding a new press release.

And I’ll let you in on a simple little web design secret…text is alot easier/faster/cheaper to change on a website than graphics. We send us alot of small invoices every month for 15 and 30 minute website changes.

So when folks ask me on the phone how they do website updates…..I’m very happy to say “you update it yourself by emailing us the changes and we’ll update it for you in a day or two” …many times I’ve made the update while I’m on the phone with the person

So in summary…you probably have enough on your plate that you don’t want to take on a new career in web design just to make the simple and occasional change to your website…we can do that quickly and affordably.