The Philadelphia Web Design Company recognizes 2 types of web marketing: Push and Pull Website Marketing. Push website marketing consists of Paid Advertising. Pull website marketing is being visible when folks go looking for your product or service.
Video Script:

How will people find my website?

Q… two ways….Push and Pull Website Marketing. Either you try to tell others about it, which is sometimes called PUSH adv. or you make it easy for others find it when they start looking for services…which is called PULL advertising.

Lets talk more about PUSH. It involves Paid Advertising.
Push advertising is the buckshot approach…typically you create an ad….newspaper, magazine, billboard, direct mail, radio, phone book, whatever it might be, and circulate it. And if all the planets are in alignment, you’ll catch someone’s interest and maybe they’ll call you. PUSH is often expensive…often low rate of return..very poor choice for the business startup…a better choice if you’re ebay/Nike/Apple and you have an eight or nine figure ad budget.

Now lets talk about PULL.
Pull is being visible when folks go looking for your product or service…a phone book is pull, but it’s also expensive because it’s print. When you buy a phone book ad you’re buying lots and lots of paper and ink.

To get rid of those paper and ink costs you could, and should, consider search engine advertising.

Someone goes to google or yahoo, searches on “office furniture”, and your website is listed, right at the top. They scan your ad, they click, go to your website. If the site’s ok…has a good functional design so it’s easy for them to get the info they need…perhaps has a video so they can meet you, they get in touch and you’re on your way.

Instead of a single circulation fee as with print advertising you pay only when your ad gets clicked, hence PPC – PAY PER CLICK.

How much do you pay…could be a dime, or a dollar, depending on what everyone else is willing to pay because the prices are set based on what everyone else is willing to pay, that is, bid, per click for any particular search term.

And that’s great because you only pay it when the right person comes alone and likes your ad enough to click it. With pull you just pay for the leads and not for the circulation like with pull.

Sound good? Well it is and it works…every business website owner should be doing some sort of ppc and in the next section I’m going to talk a bit more about SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING with the three big players which are Yahoo, Google, and MSN which altogether cover about 95%+ of the entire Internet.