The Philadelphia Wed Design Company offers a customizable and low-cost e-commerce solution called Sales-Form™. Sales-Form™ does not carry the high startup and maintenance costs of the shopping cart systems offered elsewhere.
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In this slide I’m going to talk a little about the dilemma of e-commerce and then introduce our own flexible and low-cost e-commerce webstore solution which we informally call Sales-Form™.

So the e-commerce dilemma is that there’s just two basic options…a high-power, high-cost full-blown shopping cart system (which is way too expensive for startups. It could be a couple thousand to get started…

…and on the other end of the spectrum is the low-cost template system like Yahoo stores or eBay which is affordable but not very flexible or customizable.

But what isn’t out there, and what most folks really need, is a best-of-both-worlds solution…a customizable, low-cost, order page so you can take orders directly from your website without the high startup and maintenance costs.

And that’s exactly why we created Sales-Form™…

Sales-Form is a single webpage … custom programmed…to accept orders through PayPal standard business account which means:

* no montly fee, you pay only the transaction fee as with any other merchant account

…and No…folks don’t need to sign up for a PP account to pay through it as they did a few years ago

…and it also secure because the credit card information isn’t entered on the order form but on PayPal.

Sales-Form is a great solution for someone who doesn’t have hundreds of items to sell but wants something more customizable or nicer looking than a template driven store because our SalesForm order page looks exactly like your other website pages.

If you’d like to see some examples of SalesForm please visit our main site a look at some of the sample sites we’ve listed in the eCommerce section or just give us a call and you’ll quickly get the answers to any of your questions.