Artificial search engine marketing is called “Pay Per Click” Advertising because you pay only when your ad gets clicked.
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Paying for Artificial – Pay Per Click

Ok, so in the previous slide I gave you a very brief overview the natural method. The natural method is one of the two options you have for getting your website listed at the top of search engines but it’s not cut and dried, it’s far more art than science because each search engine has it’s own grading criteria, which is frequently changed, and they’re certainly not publishing that is because google, yahoo, and MSN don’t make any money from folks getting a high natural listing for their website…they make their money selling online advertising, also called artificial or sponsored listings.

Who is the sponsor?…You are… Artificial listings are paid classifieds but with a fortunate twist because unlike the conventional world of print advertising you don’t pay for your ad to be listed… you only pay when your ad gets clicked which is why artificial SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING is also called Pay Per Click.

Pay-per-click website ads are listed above, AND, to the right of the natural listings which truly means you can be at the top of the search engine results for any and all of the search terms that someone might search on to find your product or service. There could be a few terms that are relevant, a dozen, or thousands…depends on your business but generally the more local you are and the more niche you are the less it costs per click…as low as 10 cents a click..which means it’s an incredible advertising bargain for any small business.

With PPC you get far more control, in fact, you can pretty much completely control, where your listings appear…what they say…when they run…and how much you pay. You’re in control…or whomever you want to be in control so don’t have to worry about it.

There’s no reason not to have some sort of PPC campaign even if your budget is only $20 a month because there’s no commitment and no min. fee. You can try it for a week or a month and get detailed reports about the terms folks are clicking.

PPC is the one true advertising bargains out there because it’s targeted, it’s controllable, and you’re not paying for paper.

And in the next slide I’ll tell you a little more about how we can help you with both natural and PPC SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING.
Geographic targeting – If your business reach is local you can reduce your cost by upwards of 90%.