Randy Zeitman, president of The Philadelphia Web Design Company, introduces Focus Point. Focus Point is an interactive web video presentation framework which allows you to establish instant trust and rapport with your website visitors.

Video Script:

Welcome to The Philadelphia Web Design Company.
Hi…I’m RMZ…my comp is The Philadelphia Web Design Company.

The Philadelphia Web Design Company is a Philadelphia based company with three great service arms: Website design, SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING, and this – what you’re looking at now, which is our new web presentation tool which we call FocusPoint.

FocusPoint is essentially a mini-website that combines the power of websites, video, and powerpoint style slides into this little multi-panel, multi-slide, interactive presentation.

And what’s great about that is that you can do something very magical that 99% of websites should do but don’t…which is let you establish instant trust and rapport with your website visitors.

When a visitor to your website can see you, hear you, really get who you are, you gain instant trust and rapport and trump every competitors site that just has more features and benefits text that usually never gets read.

And, in fact, you watching me right now is pretty much the proof…I’ve only been speaking 30 seconds but in just that short time you have a better feel for me….how I am as a person and what it would be like to work with me…than I could ever convey through text alone.

This is why web video is so important and why a service like FP can just catapalt sales into the strata.

If you’d like to learn about FP or our website design and SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING services just choose the topic you’d like to learn about from the list of topics above me….or jump forward or backward using the controls at the bottom of the slide section.

And if you move your mouse over the little thought bubble graphic next to the first bullet point a neat little information window will pop up!

There’s lots of interested information in the presentation, particularly in the SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING section where I give a little seminar about SEARCH ENGINE ADVERTISING and how you can have website actually listed more than once at the top of the search engine rankings!

So thank you and enjoy the FP presentation and in the next frame, or slide if you like, I’ll tell you a little more about myself and The Philadelphia Web Design Company.