Randy Zeitman, president of The Philadelphia Web Design Company, offers an example of why web video is an effective way to convert prospective clients.
Video Script:

Case Study – Video In Action

A Real World Example

In this slide I’d like to give you a quick real-world example of the power of web video in action.

I have a client who moved his family to a new neighborhood and wanted to run for his local school board. He figured it wouldn’t be hard as he’s served on many boards before.

We created a simple one page website listing his qualifications as well as assorted print advertisements and flyers which were delivered to homes throughout. He earned over 1000 votes, not bad, but he finished 6th, last place.

Six months later there was an unexpected resignation so they had another election for the spot. Did the same PR as before except we added a simple three minute video to the website. He spoke directly to the camera just like he was speaking to someone on the street, introduced himself, his family, and explained his goals as a school board member. Just relaxed and sincere. Took three takes of video .. about a half hour.. and it was ready to go.

He won … over 3000 votes.

After the election he found out why…because he was the only candidate people could meet without having to go to the ‘meet the candidates’ night at the town hall.

With his video he established instant rapport…folks were intrigued because he was the only candidate with video…for some it was novelty and for others it was being thoughtful and considerate. But whichever side you fall on it was not too bad for investing a half hour to sit in front of the camera and talking about yourself just as you would in-person.

It works.