The first reason our clients love what we do here at The Philadelphia Web Design Company is because we love what we do! More specifically, we love the process it takes to get a clear understanding of the image our clients want to put forth before we can help them amplify and project that image to the world.
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We Love What We Do

I think the first reason our clients love what we do is because WE love what we do!

And how we’re able to do that is perhaps best described by an old addiage which is “seek to understand before being understood”.

In other words, the projects that are the most successful are the ones where we make a strong effort to (1) get clear about understanding, or helping the client get clear, about the image they want to showcase, and then (2) Amplify and further clarify that image so what you end up with something that’s both simple and excellent.

It’s the difference between being a craftsman and being a technician…it’s all about the pursuit of excellence and not about volume because the more you try to automate a process the more you’re gonna cut those corners that define excellence and you’re suddenly down the path of using website templates and that’s not something we’re interested in.

I’m sure there’s lots of folks out there who are like mercenaries but it’s alot more fun to work with folks when you share an emotional investment. Otherwise it’s like walking with a rock in your shoe….the client really doesn’t get served, you’re not building any relationship, and we’ll no longer be loving what we do so why bother.