We at The Philadelphia Web Design Company understand that websites are not read but browsed. Our simple and clean design style reflects this.
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Simple and Clean Design Style – Simple is Better and Costs Less

Well another reason why our clients love us is our design style which I guess I would describe as simple and clean and the reason for that is that we understand that websites aren’t read but actually browsed and the way you design for browsing is different than the way you design for reading.

Now while I certainly don’t want to waste your time with a verbal dissertation on over-the-top intellectual subjects like gestalt theory and cognitive triggers (which are topics I do talk about in my Emotional Marketing SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING seminars) let me just say that on the one hand there’s functional design and on the other hand there’s graphic design.

Functional design is usability-focused and graphic design is aesthetically-focused.

In other words when you design with pretty in mind you’re only going to appeal to those who like that particular style…the aesthetic… but when you design with usability in mind it appeals to practically everyone because most folks who visit a small business website are not looking to be entertained but instead informed and maybe even amazed and engaged if you have some video on your site.

So another one of the reasons our clients like us is our simple and clean design style that focuses on ease of use and getting across the right image and message for the organization we’re helping showcase.