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More Calls Without SEO!

Our proprietary method of inserting your phone number into Google search results will get you more calls without any additional SEO

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More Calls Without SEO!

We take advantage of Google wanting to make searching difficult.

The last statistics I read said that a person does 3.4 searches before they they find what they want … or get frustrated and jump to YouTube.

So if you're looking to buy you do a search, click, go to a website, find the phone number, write it down, go back to Google, and repeat a few times more. it’s a hassle.

It’s also frustrating for the business owner because you'd very much like a better way to stand out in the search results without spending a lot for SEO.

So we figured out a way to solve both those problems.
We make Google prominently show our phone number in all our Google listings.

Here’s our original Google listing for our Philadelphia web design company website.

And here's how we changed it … to this... with our phone number the first thing they see.

Here's how it looks in the search results. Everyone instantly recognizes the pattern of a phone number so it stands out something like a polygon next to circles.


And we got more calls.

In fact we got enough calls we rarely had to advertise since last century.

But that ended with Covid. Now we have more websites, do more advertising and can offer to make your number show up on Google.

Plans start at only $95 per year and it’s even cheaper when you buy it as part of a website maintenance plan … which is something every website owner needs anyway, because it gives you peace of mind, safeguards against big problems later, and will improve your search ranking.

And with everything else we offer there's a three-month 100% money back guarantee. Not much to lose.

Is showing your number ok with Google?

Yep. Since day one of the Internet you've been allowed to make a website show a phone number.

And it's also important to point out that Google does NOT let you show your phone number in a paid ad because paid ad get charged by the click. That's a pretty strong endorsement from Google itself to the value of putting your phone number in your listings.

Are other companies putting phone numbers in their clients' search listings? I've yet to see any others. Here's our listing, it's #5, among the top 100 for Philly Web Design. Ours is the only number.

Will it hurt our search ranking?

I've yet to see a client site drop in ranking because we added a phone number to their google listings.

Any downside?

Yes, one. Your listing behaves like a regular google listing. That is, when you click it goes to your website, it doesn't try to call your number like when you click a phone number on your website. (Show graphic.)

Should I try it?

Yep. Certainly has worked for us. Never had a client ask to remove it. They love seeing their number next to all the other listings that don't have phone numbers.

But again, it's better when you buy it as a maintenance plan because every website needs the occasional oil change. And in this case we also want to change the number of calls you're getting ... which starts by getting a call from you.