Faultless Forms™

Most repairs take only 15 or 30 minutes and are turned around in under 24 hours.

Faultless Forms™

No website feature has caused more frustration than contact forms.

The website visitor who fills out a form and doesn’t get a reply wonders if it ever arrived or just got ignored.

The website owner who expects to receive the form worries that it ended up in spam or junk or the email never got sent in the first place.

The problem is that email is complicated. A message may have to pass through a dozen relays and all kinds of spam junk and malware filters before it gets to the recipient email server.

The people who can troubleshoot email problems should probably be auditioning for American Idol.

So after years of frustration we came up a solid solution.

Our solution is to save the information to a file before it gets emailed ... just like you saving a file to your PC or Mac except the PC belongs to your website host ... your website host being GoDaddy or Blue host or Network Solutions, or such.

The web host's computer is out there which means your PC never gets involved. There's no cookies or anything to change with your website hosting plan.

We call this a Faultless Form™.

So naturally you will ask ... how do I see what the form submitted? In fact how do I even know when someone sent something if I never got the email from the contact form in the first place?

The answer is when we install it you get a link that goes to a little control panel (show it!) where you can browse every form someone sent. You can even search by date, keyword or email address.

You could visit the link whenever you like and we can set it up so you get a separate email or text message telling you that someone filled out a form.

I use the text message option myself because I don’t have email set up on my phone, there's too much junk. When someone fills out the form I instantly get the notice and can call them back in five minutes. And 9 out of 10 times they are very impressed that I get back to them fast.

But wait there's more! (pop-art graphic).

When you're browsing the submissions you can save them as a PDF, you can email them to someone else and there's a copy button so you can paste it into Word or Excel or wherever.

Is it easy to install?

Yep. Install takes an hour.

Can we install it on a WP site?


Is it easy to remove it?

Yep. No cost. Much less than an hour.

Does it come with a CAPTCHA?

Yep. And not just a regular CAPTCHA but we made one that's invisible. The sender never has to type in characters, click pictures or check a box. We can tell every time the difference between a person and spam-bot.

Can you afford it?

Yep, every business can. A Faultless Form starts at under $95 per year and is also included in some of our website maintenance plans. And like everything else we offer there's a three month 100% MBG.

Is anyone else doing this?

Haven't found anyone yet.

Can I buy it today?

Yep, please call me now at 2675675099.

I look forward to making CONTACT with you and FORMING a relationship.