Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is about convincing Google and the other search sites to like your site more than your competitors for a particular search.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about convincing Google and the other search sites to like your site more than your competitors for a particular search.

If they're convinced they will list you higher in more search results and you'll get more clicks and calls.

There are two basic steps to get Google to give you a better ranking.

• Increase & improve what your web site says.

• Do housekeeping.

Doing housekeeping is easier ... that's making your site faster by streamlining images, consolidating redundant programming, organizing and updating. Even making sure your copyright date is correct and that you have some boilerplate legal stuff does help search rankings. And that's something that's so easy to do we'll add it free just for the opportunity to make your acquaintance.

The other step, increase & improving content is indeed bigger and can encompasses hundreds of different aspects.

However, most search engine optimization companies want you to believe that each and every aspect is critically important, that it will take months to see results, and they want you to sign a 12 or 24-month contract.

And to that I say B.S., nonsense, ridiculous, no way, you've got to be kidding, off their rocker, mad as a hatter, for the birds, one sandwich short of a picnic, middle finger, you get the idea.

I'll use my own websites as an example. Perhaps you found us on the top of Google or Bing or AOL.

We've been near the top since last century and we're concerned with updating one or two-dozen aspects of our website. It's a tiny fraction of what big SEO says you need and that's also in spite of the dozens of times Google changed their criteria to get listed at the top.

In fact estimating how much SEO a website needs is actually the opposite of what the big SEO companies say.

They will tell you that small sites need far more work because they have less to work with ... like there's a gap they're trying to make up. But my experience is that smaller sites need FAR LESS work because, practically speaking, there's only so much it can do.

If you have a little car you're not going to modify it to try and pull a big trailer. No, you need a stronger car.

And because we think SEO is far simpler and quicker than BIG SEO we confidently offer SEO plans with a three-month 100% MBG. If you've found another company that does that please let us know.

But even so, a money back guarantee doesn't mean we're expensive. As I said small websites only need a small amount of SEO and we can improve your rankings and get you more calls for as little as $95.

Now please call me, Randy Zeitman, PWD, at (267) 567-5099, with your SEO questions and I will give you realistic options.

Thank you.

p.s., BTW, not only can we get your listings to be more visible ... we can get them to get more attention by adding your phone number to the first line of your listing.

It's a big deal and we have info below and a separate video about it. We do it for our own sites and people tell us they called before they found the number.