Website Repairs & Updates

Most repairs take only 15 or 30 minutes and are turned around in under 24 hours.

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Website Repairs & Updates

So how do we handle website updates, repairs and maintenance?

Well you might be interested to know that we started by fixing websites in order to learn how to make websites.

So we're very fast. Most repairs take only 15 or 30 minutes and are turned around in under 24 hours.

But even better if it's 5 it's free.

We're also very affordable because, unlike most web design firms, we have no minimum charge even if we didn't make your site. Most firms want to charge you an hour or two min. to work on a site they didn't author.

Website Maintenance

Every website owner should have a website maintenance plan, even if it's just four times a year, because even updating little things on a website, like the copyright date, will likely get you a better google ranking.

This is especially true for WordPress sites because they are far more susceptible to hacking because, unlike than good old regular old HTML websites, they use plug-ins and each one is an a new door to get into your website.

Also archiving a WordPress site more often is a good idea because even a tiny WP site has a few thousand support files and a critically important database whereas a non-WP site might have a couple dozen files and no database.

WordPress Health Report------
Plugin Installation------
Plugin Configuration------
Plugin Update------
Plugin Repair (*)---------
Theme Installation------
Theme Configuration------
Theme Update------
Theme Repair (*)---------
Backup/Archive; off-siteBackup/Archive; off-site
Website Speed TestWebsite Speed Test
Website Speed ReportWebsite Speed Report
Website Speed Optimizing (*)---Website Speed Optimizing (*)---
Performance MonitoringPerformance Monitoring
Performance ReportPerformance Report
Performance Optimizing (*)---Performance Optimizing (*)---
Security Firewall InstallationSecurity Firewall Installation
Security Firewall ConfigurationSecurity Firewall Configuration
Security Firewall UpdateSecurity Firewall Update
Google Analytics InstallationGoogle Analytics Installation
Google Analytics ConfigurationGoogle Analytics Configuration
Google Analytics UpdateGoogle Analytics Update
Malware ReportMalware Report
Malware RemovalMalware Removal
Spam Message ReportSpam Message Report
Spam Message RemovalSpam Message Removal
Virus ReportVirus Report
Virus RemovalVirus Removal
JQuery Error RepairJQuery Error Repair
Server Error RepairServer Error Repair
JavaScript Error RepairJavaScript Error Repair
301 Repair301 Repair
PHP Database OptimizePHP Database Optimize
PHP Database Repair*---PHP Database Repair*---
Update CopyrightUpdate Copyright
Bad Links ReportBad Links Report
(*) Available as a la carté service.